Custom product. Custom accounts.

Decide what accounts work best for your product and build them with our customizable API.

Regulatory Certainty

Store value for customers without the regulations or risk of traditional banking systems.

Automate Fund Flows

Set rules for how and when customers can access, withdraw, and transfer funds.

Peace of Mind

Turnkey Know-Your-Customer process gives your customers the peace of mind that their money is protected.

Smart Account Integration

Smart Account Integration

Banks don’t get it. We do.

So we’ve given you the ability to create custom accounts for your money management, investing, and crowdfunding apps. You focus on the product, we’ll handle the compliance and red tape.

Get Started

Create your smart accounts today with Sila. View docs and get access to the sandbox.

    "amount": 1000,
    "account_name": "default",
    "header": {
        "reference": "none",
        "created": 1234567890,
        "user_handle": "user.silamoney.eth",
        "auth_handle": "your-app.silamoney.eth",
        "version": "0.2",
        "crypto": "ETH"
    "message": "issue_msg"

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