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Finnovation SF 2019

The early days for a FinTech founder are often no cake walk. There’s money to be raised, customers to attract, products to build, regulations to worry about, and a successful team to be compiled. We understand. We’ve been there before. … Read More

Using AWS Lambda & SQS With Web3

This article takes a deep dive into how we use AWS Lambda functions and SQS at Sila to broadcast SilaToken smart contract transactions on Ethereum. The first section explains the architecture we have in place to handle Ethereum transactions. Section … Read More

Challenges & Solutions for FinTech Developers: Regulations

Established FinTech developers and entrepreneurs know regulatory compliance is one of the most difficult aspects of bringing a new product or service to market. Newcomers to the FinTech field typically expect regulatory challenges, but rarely comprehend how immense the challenges … Read More