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The early days for a FinTech founder are often no cake walk.
There’s money to be raised, customers to attract, products to build, regulations to worry about, and a successful team to be compiled. We understand. We’ve been there before.
That’s why we’re hosting our second Finnovation, to bring founders together and share experiences with one another that will help shape a profitable future for everyone. And we’re not talking about the kind of founders who have forgotten what it was like to hustle in the early days, or who have already spent 5–10 years as an established FinTech leader.
No, we want to bring together those founders who are just tasting sweet success for the first time, or those who are only a few short steps away from being the next big thing. Founders who have stood where you are, just a short time ago, and can provide relevant wisdom to remedy the struggles you are going through today. This event brings together early stage startup leaders who are maneuvering their way through the initial stages of financial innovation so they can learn from one another.
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This includes EarnUp’s Nadim Homsany, Acorns’ Randy Fernando, and Fabric’s Adam Erlebacher, who will all be contributing to Finnovation SF as speakers on the various talk tracks covered that day.
These tracks will explore the four areas that define the founder experience, and experts will share stories on how to achieve success in each:

Fund it:

Early stage founders will talk about what they learned from raising a round of funding, and how to navigate roadblocks and victories.

Build it:

We’ll hear from founders, and leaders in product and engineering, on the strategic and technical decisions made in building a product that users love.

Regulate it:

Compliance with a frequently changing regulatory landscape can be difficult, so we’ll hear from experts, and startup leaders who have managed it already, on how to steer clear of fines and legal setbacks.

Scale it:

Leaders will discuss go-to-market strategy and challenges, how to secure your first 10,000 customers, building and scaling your team, and how to keep your company growing.

Visit the Finnovation registration page to take advantage of Early Bird pricing (through September 15, 2019), and stay tuned for updates on speakers and other exciting event details!

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