Fintech Founder Stories – Chock Full of Great Insights, Delivered To You

Alpha Beta Launch Podcast

Whether you’re thinking about starting your own fintech company, already put the first markers in the sand on the way there, or are already up and running, one thing is for certain: You are in for a steep learning curve. Of course you want to benefit as much as possible from others who faced similar challenges before you. But where do you find these individuals? Networking is time consuming. Conferences are an option but depending on where you live, can be an expensive undertaking. 

At Sila, we are talking to dozens of fintech founders literally every day. We realized that this was a great opportunity to gather their experiences and share with others. That’s how the podcast “Alpha Beta Launch | Fintech Founder Stories” came to be. 

These fintech founders come from all walks of life and are active in a variety of industries. What they have in common is that they went through the exciting and sometimes terrifying stages from having an idea to having a company with huge responsibilities towards employees and investors. As you successfully navigate through these stages yourself, you will realize quickly that it won’t get much easier, just different. 

In order to bring out the best nuggets during these interviews, Sila partnered with Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist Katie Boer to lead the conversation. Her expertise has proved to be invaluable when getting founders to tell from the heart and probe for more detail when necessary. We are very happy to have her guide the conversations.

Look for the Alpha Beta Launch | Fintech Founder Stories on your favorite source for video or audio podcasts. There are half a dozen episodes out already and we had great feedback all around. So don’t miss out! We are adding a new episode about every week.