Your payments. Your terms.

Customize how you send and receive payments to fit your company’s needs.

100% Backed

Transact with a 100% fiat-backed digital token with 24/7 transparency so you know exactly where your money is at all times.

Lower Costs

Lower upfront costs so you can get your product to market quicker and begin making money.


Improve overall efficiencies by providing programmability and increasing transaction speeds.

Smart Payment Integration

Smart Payment Integration

Payment structures to help build your business.

No endless hoops to go around with potential partners. Just simple, efficient payment structures made with you in mind.

Get Started

Create your smart accounts today with Sila. View docs and get access to the sandbox.

    "amount": 1000,
    "account_name": "default",
    "header": {
        "reference": "none",
        "created": 1234567890,
        "user_handle": "user.silamoney.eth",
        "auth_handle": "your-app.silamoney.eth",
        "version": "0.2",
        "crypto": "ETH"
    "message": "issue_msg"

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