Stable Tokens as a Medium of Exchange

On June 25 Sila co-founder and CTO Alex Lipton spoke on “Stable Tokens and Distributed Financial Market Infrastructure”at the 2019 Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology, in Zug, Switzerland. Later that day he also joined the Economics & Finance Panel … Read More

Sila’s CEO Shines in Hacker Noon AMA

Sila CEO and co-founder Shamir Karkal participated in a Hacker Noon AMA on June 11 to field some questions from the community and share his experience in building successful FinTech companies. Almost 70 questions came in from the developer community, and … Read More

Announcing Sila —  A New Financial World, Built By You.

For as long as people have lived, we’ve sought ways to make more out of what we have through trade. In 3000 B.C. the Sumerians created the ‘sila’, the first ‘token’, which began with a small bowl used to measure … Read More