How Does an ACH API Support Blockchain Technology

How Does an ACH API Support Blockchain Technology

Transferring money into the U.S. has notoriously been cumbersome to do. For example, U.S. ex-pats abroad have a hard time sending and receiving electronic payments in USD, and they have to wire transfer or connect a series of banks in … Read More

Stable Tokens as a Medium of Exchange

On June 25 Sila co-founder and CTO Alex Lipton spoke on “Stable Tokens and Distributed Financial Market Infrastructure”at the 2019 Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology, in Zug, Switzerland. Later that day he also joined the Economics & Finance Panel … Read More

Sila’s CEO Shines in Hacker Noon AMA

Sila CEO and co-founder Shamir Karkal participated in a Hacker Noon AMA on June 11 to field some questions from the community and share his experience in building successful FinTech companies. Almost 70 questions came in from the developer community, and … Read More

Using AWS Lambda & SQS With Web3

This article takes a deep dive into how we use AWS Lambda functions and SQS at Sila to broadcast SilaToken smart contract transactions on Ethereum. The first section explains the architecture we have in place to handle Ethereum transactions. Section … Read More

A Faster & Easier Way to Move Money

The buzz on the streets is real! We have now officially launched the Beta of the Sila API platform to provide developers and startups the necessary tools to build financial applications in a quick and painless way. The platform is supported … Read More

How Blockchain is Driving Mobility

On April 19 Shamir Karkal interviewed Benjamin Diggles, VP of Business Development at Constellation Labs, to gain insight on the role blockchain is playing in the mobility space. The discussion explored: How distributed ledger technology (DLT) serves as the binding … Read More

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Finnovation PDX

Over the last 10 years Portland has steadily defined itself as an impressive hub of the sweeping FinTech movement. Innovative technology has popped up left and right in the Pacific NW, inspiring the development of such companies as Vault, Giftango, … Read More

How Cryptocurrency & Decentralization Impact Global Finance

Considering the events of 2018, you’d be forgiven for thinking the tech world had heard the last of cryptocurrency. From a January 2018 high of $20,000 to a stumbling low under $4,000, the world’s foremost cryptocurrency — Bitcoin — had seemingly burst its bubble. … Read More

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Startup Evolution: From A FinTech CEO Perspective

On February 6 Sila hosted a very informative panel discussion at Seattle’s WeWork Labs, featuring Sila CEO Shamir Karkal, Hover CEO Ben Lyon, and Remitly CEO Matt Oppenheimer, moderated by TF Blockchain founder and EVERY* CPO Jonathan Blanco. Each panel … Read More

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How Sila’s API Helps Apps Innovate & Make Finance Work for All

  …in a much less painful way than ever before! In 2017 Justin Thomas was overwhelmed by the number of Americans that lived paycheck-to-paycheck, and this was driven home during the most recent government shutdown. As a software engineer by … Read More

The Maze of Blockchain Regulations

On January 16 Sila co-founders Shamir Karkal and Angela Angelovska-Wilson got together to talk about  How to Bring a Blockchain Product to Market-Legally. The CEO & CLO shared a very informative, and at times hilarious, conversation. Here’s a few of … Read More

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What Are Smart Contracts and How Do They Apply to FinTech?

Smart contracts. As one of the most hyped words being thrown around by blockchain developers and FinTech engineers, it combines two simple concepts into one surprisingly complex and powerful idea. Ask any Ethereum enthusiast about smart contracts and you’ll get … Read More

Announcing Sila —  A New Financial World, Built By You.

For as long as people have lived, we’ve sought ways to make more out of what we have through trade. In 3000 B.C. the Sumerians created the ‘sila’, the first ‘token’, which began with a small bowl used to measure … Read More