Why Smart Contracts Will Change the World

Why Smart Contracts Will Change the World

Smart contracts can simplify payments, contracts, and online exchanges. See why smart contracts will change our financial world. … Read More

How Crypto Can Support Money Transfers

How Crypto Can Support Money Transfers

Crypto is a powerful digital asset that can be used in peer-to-peer and business money transfers. Read on to learn how crypto can support money transfers. … Read More

Why You Should Embrace Stablecoin Payment

Why You Should Embrace Stablecoin Payment

Stablecoin payment is on the rise. Here is a brief overview of its use and why you should embrace stablecoin payment! … Read More

Why Stablecoins Are On The Rise

Why Stablecoins Are On The Rise

Stablecoins have been on the rise, and we see their uptake even in federally regulated banks. Read on to learn why stablecoins are on the rise and why you should care. … Read More

Stablecoins Come With New Callenges, Market Potentials, and Embedded Regulation

Stablecoins Come With New Callenges, Market Potentials, and Embedded Regulation

Stablecoins are no longer an emerging technology, and are now being adopted by major financial networks. With it comes challenges, potentials, and the use of embedded regulation. … Read More

What is a Stablecoin

What is a Stablecoin?

Stablecoin has grown in popularity. Now, stablecoins can be used as hybrid currencies, like the SilaUSD stablecoin! … Read More

Stablecoins and Digital Currencies Why Both are Here to Stay

Stablecoins are Here To Stay: Can Stablecoins And Digital Currencies Coexist?

With the rise of digital currencies and stablecoins, it’s no surprise that banking is undergoing a revolution. … Read More

Cryptocurrency and Mobile Banking

Cryptocurrency and Mobile Banking

With the introduction of cryptocurrency and its increased usability, mobile banking needs to consider the ways that cryptocurrency transfers can be integrated into mobile banking, ACH digital wallets, and online banking methods. … Read More

ACH API for cryptocurrency transfers

Making ACH API Work for Your Cryptocurrency Transfers

An API (or Application Programming Interface) is a powerful technological tool that can speed up data processes and propel your business forward. One way in which they are used is through the online ACH money transfers. By implementing an API … Read MoreRead More

Stable Tokens as a Medium of Exchange

On June 25 Sila co-founder and CTO Alex Lipton spoke on “Stable Tokens and Distributed Financial Market Infrastructure”at the 2019 Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology, in Zug, Switzerland. Later that day he also joined the Economics & Finance Panel … Read More

Sila’s CEO Shines in Hacker Noon AMA

Sila CEO and co-founder Shamir Karkal participated in a Hacker Noon AMA on June 11 to field some questions from the community and share his experience in building successful FinTech companies. Almost 70 questions came in from the developer community, and … Read More

A Faster & Easier Way to Move Money

The buzz on the streets is real! We have now officially launched the Beta of the Sila API platform to provide developers and startups the necessary tools to build financial applications in a quick and painless way. The platform is supported … Read More

fintech finnovation portland

Finnovation PDX

Over the last 10 years Portland has steadily defined itself as an impressive hub of the sweeping FinTech movement. Innovative technology has popped up left and right in the Pacific NW, inspiring the development of such companies as Vault, Giftango, … Read More

How Cryptocurrency & Decentralization Impact Global Finance

Considering the events of 2018, you’d be forgiven for thinking the tech world had heard the last of cryptocurrency. From a January 2018 high of $20,000 to a stumbling low under $4,000, the world’s foremost cryptocurrency — Bitcoin — had seemingly burst its bubble. … Read More

blockchain smart contracts cryptocurrency fintech

What Are Smart Contracts and How Do They Apply to FinTech?

Smart contracts. As one of the most hyped words being thrown around by blockchain developers and FinTech engineers, it combines two simple concepts into one surprisingly complex and powerful idea. Ask any Ethereum enthusiast about smart contracts and you’ll get … Read More

Announcing Sila —  A New Financial World, Built By You.

For as long as people have lived, we’ve sought ways to make more out of what we have through trade. In 3000 B.C. the Sumerians created the ‘sila’, the first ‘token’, which began with a small bowl used to measure … Read More

Alex Lipton - Chief Technical Officer at Sila

Sila CTO Alex Lipton Co-Authors "Digital Trade Coin: towards a more stable digital currency"

Updated July 29, 2019 MIT Fellow Says Facebook ‘Lifted’ His Ideas for Libra Cryptocurrency – Yahoo News Several aspects of the social network’s much-ballyhooed global cryptocurrency project uncannily resemble the vision laid out in a paper published last year in the Royal … Read More