Using AWS Lambda & SQS With Web3

This article takes a deep dive into how we use AWS Lambda functions and SQS at Sila to broadcast SilaToken smart contract transactions on Ethereum. The first section explains the architecture we have in place to handle Ethereum transactions. Section … Read More

A Faster & Easier Way to Move Money

The buzz on the streets is real! We have now officially launched the Beta of the Sila API platform to provide developers and startups the necessary tools to build financial applications in a quick and painless way. The platform is supported … Read More

How Cryptocurrency & Decentralization Impact Global Finance

Considering the events of 2018, you’d be forgiven for thinking the tech world had heard the last of cryptocurrency. From a January 2018 high of $20,000 to a stumbling low under $4,000, the world’s foremost cryptocurrency — Bitcoin — had seemingly burst its bubble. … Read More