How Digital Wallets Can Streamline Your Payment Processing

How Digital Wallets Can Streamline Your Payment Processing

Digital wallets are being implemented in businesses more frequently. Get ahead of the curve with an innovative digital wallet that taps into crypto transfers, ACH transfers, and more. … Read More

What can you do with the Sila API

What can you do with the Sila API?

The Sila API is a powerful software toolkit that can enable business owners, innovators, and developers to create a powerful piece of financial technology. … Read More

Guide to ACH Network

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is comprised of U.S. financial institutions, the Clearing House, Federal Reserve, and the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). These elements work together in order to facilitate the electronic transfer of funds in the … Read More

Benefits of ACH Transfers

Benefits of ACH Transfers

An ACH transfer itself is a system of automated processes used by banking networks in the United States. These automated processes allow for money to be sent and received faster and more affordably than ever before.  There are many benefits … Read More

ACH Payments Versus Wire Transfers

ACH Payments Versus Wire Transfers

An ACH payment is an electronic money transfer that moves through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network in the United States. An ACH transfer quickly and easily allows bank-to-bank transfers using online banking, without the need to visit a bank … Read More

fintech ceo perspective

Startup Evolution: From A FinTech CEO Perspective

On February 6 Sila hosted a very informative panel discussion at Seattle’s WeWork Labs, featuring Sila CEO Shamir Karkal, Hover CEO Ben Lyon, and Remitly CEO Matt Oppenheimer, moderated by TF Blockchain founder and EVERY* CPO Jonathan Blanco. Each panel … Read More

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6 Problems Tomorrow’s FinTech Apps Will Solve

Few organizations are feeling the quickening pace of technological disruption more than banks. Traditional banking institutions are fast-tracking bottom-up transformations in order to capitalize on new collaborative opportunities for long-term growth. Those opportunities aren’t limited to major business partners and … Read More