U.S. Fintech Compliance & Crypto Compliance Expert Panel Discussion

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP2P9kyqTSQ ACH and Fiat OnRamps in the US- Optimizing for Speed & Minimizing Fraud 10am-10:45am PT Compliance Experts Panel : Adam Shapiro, Core Innovation Capital (moderator) Angela Angelovksa-Wilson, Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer, Sila Daniel Gorfine, Former Chief Innovation Officer … Read More

The Maze of Blockchain Regulations

On January 16 Sila co-founders Shamir Karkal and Angela Angelovska-Wilson got together to talk about  How to Bring a Blockchain Product to Market-Legally. The CEO & CLO shared a very informative, and at times hilarious, conversation. Here’s a few of … Read More