Banks to Cautiously Adopt Stablecoin

Banks to Cautiously Adopt Stablecoin

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has allowed banks to use stablecoins. Here’s what that means for the fintech industry. … Read More

What is a Stablecoin

What is a Stablecoin?

Stablecoin has grown in popularity. Now, stablecoins can be used as hybrid currencies, like the SilaUSD stablecoin! … Read More

Stablecoins and Digital Currencies Why Both are Here to Stay

Stablecoins are Here To Stay: Can Stablecoins And Digital Currencies Coexist?

With the rise of digital currencies and stablecoins, it’s no surprise that banking is undergoing a revolution. … Read More

Integrating U.S.-issued Stablecoin Money Transfers with the SILAUSD with the Sila API

Integrating U.S. issued stablecoin money transfers with the SILAUSD with the Sila API

Integrate the U.S.-issued stablecoin SILAUSD for globally secure money transfers using the Sila API. … Read More

Alex Lipton - Chief Technical Officer at Sila

Sila CTO Alex Lipton Co-Authors "Digital Trade Coin: towards a more stable digital currency"

Updated July 29, 2019 MIT Fellow Says Facebook ‘Lifted’ His Ideas for Libra Cryptocurrency – Yahoo News Several aspects of the social network’s much-ballyhooed global cryptocurrency project uncannily resemble the vision laid out in a paper published last year in the Royal … Read More