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Identify users, connect bank accounts, and move money.

Sila provides Banking and Payments Infrastructure-as-a-Service for teams building the next generation of financial products and services. Our banking APIs replace the need for integrating with legacy financial institutions saving you months of development time, and thousands in legal and regulatory expenses.

Get up and running in 10 lines of code.

Ready-to-code libraries for JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, C#, .NET

Move Money Effortlessly Inside Your App

Sila offers a simple, secure and scalable API platform for your business to move money with built-in regulatory compliance.

Create and Identify Users

Users can register new accounts and complete U.S. KYC requirements directly inside your app.

Connect Bank Accounts

Link users in your app to their bank accounts at over 9,600 financial institutions in the U.S. and Canada with or without trial micro-deposit verification.

Bank to Bank and Digital Wallet Transfers

Sila is designed for your use case with fast and flexible payment flows between individuals and businesses.

Move Money Automagically

Automate ACH and ERC-20 stablecoin transactions programmatically including built-in support for Ethereum Smart Contracts.


Sila is the only U.S. regulated payments and banking API that uses a built-in stablecoin called SILA to move money between user accounts. Currently available on the Ethereum public blockchain, SILA is an ERC-20 token pegged 100:1 to the US Dollar, with funds held by an FDIC member bank. The SILA token offers several benefits including programmable money via Solidity-based smart contracts, fiat-to-crypto on-ramps, and blockchain anchored transaction logs.

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