Transfer money and initiate ACH transfers fast using the Sila API

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We Make ACH API Money Transfers Simple

No more dealing with archaic banking interfaces, rejections from payment processors who won’t support your use case, or stringing together multiple banking APIs just to add payment capabilities to your application. Sila was built from the ground up to get you up and running quickly.

Issue. Transfer. Redeem (That's it!)

Perform ACH Debits, ACH Credits, and bank account to bank account transfers using just 3 API endpoints.

Compliance As A Service

Sila is registered bank agent of Evolve Bank & Trust. We handle all of the required audits, suspicious activity filings, and OFAC screenings.

Instant ACH (Coming Soon!)

Soon we'll be offering an Instant ACH product that enables instant ACH payments and transfers via an ACH Debit from a bank account.

Real-time Payments

The U.S. banking system is getting a serious upgrade and Sila plans to be one of the first APIs to offer RTP.

Ask Us Anything About Our ACH API

There are a number of compliance requirements to incorporate ACH into your application. Fortunately Sila provides Compliance as a Service. For Starter and Launch plans you’ll need to be incorporated in the U.S. and each of your end-users will need to pass SSN verification or EIN verification. Learn more about pre-qualification for ACH Payments & Transfers API access.

Standard ACH payments typically take 2 business days for an ACH debit and 1 business day for an ACH credit. We also offer SameDay ACH and will soon be offering Instant ACH.

At this time we only support US bank accounts and credit unions. It is possible to us our API in conjunction with International money transfer APIs such as Flutterwave and Transferwise.

Plaid’s AUTH product is included for free in the Sila API. Sila works with Plaid’s entire suite of products, but you’ll need to bring your own Plaid subscription if you need more than AUTH.

Check our blog article on the topic: Security Best Practices for ACH API Payment Data which provides a general overview. Keep in mind we take care of this for you as part of our ACH Payments API

Mission Control for your Payments Infrastructure

The Sila developer console provides real-time access to users, transactions, analytics, and reporting.

ACH API transactions as low as $0.10 per API request.

The creativity and passion of our client partners drives us to be our very best.

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Ready To Try The API?

Our ACH Payments API sandbox has no limits. It includes everything you need to add identity verification, bank account linking, digital wallets, and payments to your app. When you create your first App in the console you'll have direct access to our engineering support team via chat.