Sila Plans

Pricing for any business. Big or small.


Ideal for startups or applications in their infancy.

KYC Included
100 Up to 100 users
$100 Daily user
transaction limit
1 Transaction
per user, per day
Self-serve support


Made for medium-sized businesses with increased support and transaction limits.

KYC Included
500 Up to 500 users
$500 Daily user
transaction limit
3 Transaction
per user, per day
72hr Support Turnaround


No access limits. No transaction limits. World-class support structure.

KYC Included
Unlimited No user limit
Unlimited No transaction

Unlimited Transactions

per user, per day
48hr Support Turnaround
Transaction Fees
(common to all plans)

Purchase SILA
Convert USD to SILA


Transfer SILA
Send SILA to individuals or businesses


Redeem SILA
Convert SILA to USD


Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing
Purchase SILA with credit or debit cards


Exchange Rate: 100 SILA = 1 US Dollar | Minimum Transaction $10

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